Visible Energy are committed to carrying out intrusive inspections, checks and tests on a number of HVAC activities and we are committed to adhering to all of the latest local and international standards and governing organizations.

Our highly skilled engineers and technicians are given thorough, formal in-house training based on the UK CSA’s (Commissioning Specialists Association) training manuals as well as being thoroughly evaluated every 6 months.

HAVC Example
HVAC Example

Activities Include:

  • Installation audit & report

  • Condition Surveys

  • Performance monitoring checks

  • Testing & Balancing

  • Chilled and domestic water performance evaluation and testing

  • Chilled water system flushing, treatment and chemical dosing

  • Water sampling and testing through a certified laboratory

  • Ducted systems including variable air volume, constant volume

  • Smoke extract testing

  • VAV system balancing

  • Staircase/lift/lobby pressurization testing and balancing

  • Smoke management system testing and balancing

  • Performing smoke simulation tests

  • Air Handling Unit systems

  • Specialist Exhaust systems

  • Environmental testing

  • Sound level testing

  • Vibration tests

  • Car Park ventilation systems

  • Kitchen Hood systems

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