Commissioning Management

Commissioning is a systematic process of ensuring, verifying and documenting that a building facilities and systems performs in accordance with the design intent, contract documents, and the owner’s operational needs. Implementing management protocols during installation phase is critical to ensuring the building owner/operator receives an efficient fully functional building from the offset. Below are a number of activities we can implement during or after building completion:

HAVC Example
HVAC Example

Activities Include:

  • Production and management of commissioning activities

  • Pre-commissioning/commissioning management of all MEP systems

  • Witness and verification

  • Project planning and coordination

  • Installation reviews and monitoring

  • Commissionability surveys/study’s & appraisals

  • Commissioning plans & programmes

  • Factory acceptance tests

  • Project coordination including documentation reviews

  • Document creating, test reports, MS & RA & O&M’s

  • Production & management of IST activities.

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