Electrical Design & Installation

Our team have decades of experience designing electrical installations, ranging from small-scale residential and retail developments, to major industrial and commercial properties. We carry out a full review of all relevant documentation to understand the maximum available load, and design the installation accordingly. We offer multiple energy efficient options relating to lighting, including LCS (Lighting Control Systems), LED lighting and solar. We are also proficient in designing the ELV systems, including Fire Alarm, BMS, CCTV, PAVA and Access Control.

Electrical Design and Installation
HVAC Example Event Installation

Our installation teams have many years of experience carry out electrical installations to very high standards, ensuring compliance to DEWA regulations and BS7671. All electrical containment is selected as per the site conditions, and installed professionally and safely. All breaker/ disconnection devices are rated as per the maximum connected load, and the cables sizes are calculated accordingly. When the installation is completed, we carry out a continuity test and insulation resistance test to ensure all circuits are safe to energise. Once satisfied, we will then energise the circuits and carry out an EFLI (Earth Fault Loop Impedance) test and record the disconnection time of the ELCB. All results are recorded on official, DEWA approved test sheets and submitted to the client.

Event Installation

With over twenty years of experience in electrical installations before expanding into carrying out electrical installations on events & shows, it is safe to say that we are true experts when it comes to electrical event installations. Visible Energy can assist with design, produce and install all of the necessary elements needed to transform a lacklustre, mundane event into a vibrant and exciting spectacle for a more than memorable event. No matter the industry; be it sport, music, sales or property, we are confident that we can install it successfully. We boast years of experience in event installation working for world renowned brands such as Showforce, Lightblue, Flow, Sweetwater and Laser Visio. Our clients consistently commend us for our punctuality, our truly personalised service and our ability to simply get the job done. This us an invaluable member of the team, for all your Event & Installation requirements. If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on: +971 424 0811

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