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Data Centre Testing & Commissioning

Visible Energy’s experienced Data Centre experts are pivotal in ensuring the functionality, efficiency, and reliability of the Data Centre’s critical facilities. Firstly, it validates that all systems, from power and cooling to networking, can operate to its designed limits, minimizing the risk of costly downtime. Commissioning also enhances energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Additionally, it helps identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses, allowing for proactive remediation and improved security. Data Centre commissioning supports scalability, enabling seamless expansion as business needs grow. Furthermore, it ensures compliance with industry regulations and best practices, reducing legal and financial risks.

Data Centre

With Our experienced Commissioning Managers and Engineers, we can offer Client appointment CXA (Commissioning Authority- services and Main contractor ICA (independent Commissioning Agent) services covering all aspects of the Commissioning requirements to handover and beyond.

  • UPTIME Institute - Test certification Levels

  • ASHRAE - American Society of Heating and Air conditioning Engineers

  • LEED Certified Facilities - Green Building Councils

  • NFPA codes and standards

  • BSRIA/CIBSE Commissioning Guidelines

  • British Standards

Data Centre


  • Critical in nature where failure of part or complete facility will cause major disruption to the business

  • Continuous UPTIME 24/7 Operation without unplanned interruption of the critical support systems

  • Critical Systems include Power Systems, Cooling systems and ELV system including Controls systems

  • Higher witnessing rates- 100% critical infrastructure and Life safety systems.

  • Multiple testing stages as per ASHRAE Guidelines for Data Centers and Mission critical facilities

  • High Level of complexity.

  • Full Integrated testing under load conditions

  • Maintenance UPTIME scenarios.


Our Services are based on he ASHRAE level of testing to allow controlled sign off for each level which offers full control of the Commissioning process and strategy which will be adopted on all projects depending on the Service requested (CXA-ICA appointment)


  • Level 0 - Design Stage-Design Commission ability review and scope gap analysis

  • Level 1 - FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) critical equipment/Plant

  • Level 2 - Material inspections and installation stage. to static completion.

  • Level 3 - Power up – Pre com and SAT testing (standalone)

  • Level 4 - Integration- Automation – Operation testing Systems= Performance load testing

  • Level 5 - ISAT - Full Integrated Site Acceptance Testing - Electrical – Mechanical – ELV systems under load scenarios and failure conditions

  • Level 6 - UPTIME demonstrations for certification and close out stage

  • Level 7 - Post handover planning stage - deferred testing, defect close out, LEED audits and reporting.


  • Full Design reviews by our Senior Managers

  • FAT inspections as needed

  • QA/QC inspections during Level 2 testing

  • Commissioning MSS Technical Authoring and reviews

  • Commissioning Strategy and co ordination with the construction team- Program generation- Commissioning plan Authoring

  • Validation and reporting of all testing.

  • Level 4 testing Management and authoring of Performance test scripts. Full validation and reporting

  • Level 5- Test script authoring and full management and reporting on the testing to close out

  • O+M Authoring and reviewing.

  • Training Manual authoring

  • Close out and Post handover planning.

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