All MEP installations should be subject to a periodic inspection and test every 3 years to ensure that the original installation is not showing signs of degredation. It is common for electrical equipment (lighting transformers, MCBs, ELCBs, etc) to start failing after a period of time and these breakdowns could become fire hazards. Therefore, a routine periodic electrical test is the best way to prevent a potential fire hazard from actually happening.

HAVC Example

It would be our duty to carry out an intrusive inspection of the premises to highlight potential risks and recommend possible improvements, these checks will include:

  • All Life safety systems including fire detection, fire fighting systems and equipment checked to ensure they adhere to the local DCD requirements

  • All emergency systems functionally checked such as emergency lighting and all 3rd party equipment is checked to make sure it is interfaced and operates with the FACP

  • All electrical circuits installed and managed to the current standard, a complete test of these circuits would also be recommended and available

  • All drawings and load schedules verified with the actual installation

  • All appliances would be Portable appliance tested

  • Air and water systems checked to make sure the retail unit is achieving the desired design flow rates

  • Reports will be created as a formal document with all of the faults broken down into priorities complete with photographs

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