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System Testing

The main objective of commissioning is to effect the safe and orderly handover of the unit from the constructor to the owner, guaranteeing its operability in terms of performance, reliability, safety and information traceability. Additionally, when executed in a planned and effective way, commissioning represents an essential factor for the fulfillment of schedule, costs, safety and quality requirements of the project.

Visible Energy Will never compromise on quality, within our industry the safety and assurance of our customers is paramount.

Our engineering team comprising of highly qualified time served engineers, would have a primary objective of verifying the integrity of the installation, effective operation, and effective performance based on project design. The testing of the facility, systems, and/or equipment provides verification, identifies issues/discrepancies, and if designed and constructed properly, ultimately enhances the faculties overall quality, control, performance, and efficiency which in turn provides increased sustainability and cost effectiveness.